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​4 top tips for undertaking a holiday rental property refurbishment in Devon


Wednesday, July 08, 2015

4 things to think about when undertaking a holiday rental property refurbishment in Devon

When it comes to any kind of property refurbishment or renovation, it can be stressful. Where do you start? There can be so many things to think about, so times and budgets can get out of hand. Montagu, experts in holiday rental property refurbishment strive to make these processes as painless as possible for our clients by managing it all for them: and today we've put together 4 tips to think about when considering refurbishing your holiday home so your project will result in increased footfall, great reviews and good business.

1.) Think about your clientele

One of the first things to do when planning a holiday let property refurbishment is to think about your clientele. Not just the stuff that desperately needs doing: but the things that your customers will be looking for when staying in your holiday home, and what other competitors are doing to fulfil those needs within the area. Detail, research and thought must go into this process. What are the problem areas? Are you up to date? Aesthetically, what do you look like compared to others and do you have any comments or feedback from sites like Tripadvisor or guestbooks to help give you some creative direction?

2.) It's not just about the visuals

A holiday home refurbishment isn't just about the way your property or holiday home looks: it's about the way it works, whilst keeping the property safe. A Montagu refurbishment covers everything from exterior repairs, taking into account scaffolding and repairing structural issues, to carpentry, plumbing, heating and electrical: and then finally the décor and finishing touches. Be prepared to fully review your property.

3.) Check your budget

It goes without saying, but it is important to work out your budget before you begin a refurbishment project and to remember to include a budget for unexpected costs, as we covered in the above points! Make sure you have a good idea of your return on investment. This is dependent on the achievable weekly rental. So your investment on fittings and furniture should be in direct proportion to the amount you are likely to get back. Costs can run away with projects like these if you haven't taken into account enough time, or extra material expenditure. Make sure that you have enough room to breathe within your budget in order to get what you want and to cope with the unexpected.

4.) What are your legal obligations?

This is a point more poignant for some. But certainly worth considering in the South West, where holiday homes/ cottages in Devon may be listed or situated in a conservation area: meaning your options may be limited. You must find out exactly what you can or can't do – limitations could stretch as far as your garden walls, railings, sheds and garages. If your holiday home or cottage is undergoing a planned refurbishment you may have to make compromises, old buildings can be hard or impossible to completely renovate. For instance, natural light is a wonderful thing, but with a listed building you may have to swap reams of sunlight for a bit of cottage charm!
There is a lot to think about when considering a holiday home refurbishment: especially when you are revamping a holiday home that will accommodate holidaymakers and potential reviewers: but the process, if well planned, can be a hugely rewarding one too. Montagu South West offer a full refurbishment service, pro-active or reactive with all of the above points and more: we can take a holiday home refurbishment off your hands, completing it on time and on budget. Click to to see some of our case studies. If you'd like to ask us a question, or you have an enquiry, get in touch today. Don't forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter!